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En général.

Vegan products.

We use only vegan products.
This means that they do not contain any animal products and are not tested on animals.

We are often asked if vegan inks have the same quality standards as regular inks.
In fact, contrary to what is usually thought, a lot of standard EC (CE) inks are actually vegan. We use a leading brand on the market with proven quality and durability.

Hygiene standards.

For all Karbone tattoo artists, practising and understanding hygiene standards is a fundamental aspect of their profession and training. The workspaces are carefully cleaned and disinfectedby the tattooist before and after every session

Our studio and our tattooists are declared at the Regional Agency for Health (ARS). We have made sure that all workspaces materials (walls, floors, furniture, equipment) are non-porous and easy to clean in order to guarantee germ-free conditions.

Before each session we keep our clients informed about potential tattoo-related complications and risks.

We tattoo only with the highest standard inks. They are ultra-resistant to UV, VEGAN and safe for human health.

The ink bottles already opened are carefully kept and used according to their use-by date.
All our tattooists always work with disposable equipment (gloves, needles, ink bottle, paper wipes, razors, tongue depressors). The sterile and packaged instruments are opened before your eyes.

Information about the inks

In November 2008 the European Parliament reached an important milestone It made the decision to make a new regulation on colour inks. It is now officially forbidden to use colour inks containing harmful ingredients.

At Karbone, we go even further. We totally reject the use of colourings and other materials of animal origin and we also refuse inks tested on animals.

White ink.

At the moment, white ink tattoos are a trend. We avoid completely white tattoos or even tattoos that include white ink, as they tend to turn yellow over time.
This reaction is due to the fact that human skin is not transparent and tends to be more yellowish.
When the tattoo is fresh, it is on the top of the skin, so it looks white. But with the healing process, it ends up in the lower layers, and the tattoo will appear slightly yellowish.
Depending on the different skins, the final rendering can be very random.

The risks.

Tattoos are permanent, it’s an irreversible act. For now, there is no known method to totally erase a tattoo without leaving any traces.

Tattoos can have an impact on your social life: Even though they are more and more popular and accepted, they are not always welcome everywhere. It is important to take this into account when choosing a profession.

Drawings and result: Tattoos will always look slightly different from the original drawing. Given your skin type and its colour, some differences can appear. A precise preview of the result can never be simulated.

Complications: Allergies / infections / inflammation. Despite compliance with the strictest hygiene rules, complications can arise. Allergic reactions and dermatitis Unfortunately, infection risk cannot be totally excluded. The prevention of complications requires the appropriate care for your tattoo.

After the tattoo, we will take the time to explain the treatment to you and we will automatically send you a summary email.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop by or email us with a photo.

Minimum age.

We have decided to tattoo people of 18 years and over only. Even if you have your parents’ consent we will unfortunately not be able to tattoo you.
Experience has led us to make this choice because we want to protect our younger customers against choosing a pattern that will no longer suit them in a few years.

Why couldn't I get tattooed?

You cannot get tattooed if:

You are under 18
• You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
You are haemophiliac
• You are taking antibiotics, cortisone or anti-inflammatories (If you have medical treatment. With your doctor’s consent, stop the treatment 3 to 5 days prior to and after the appointment)
You are pregnant or breastfeeding if you have recently been pregnant rest.
You’ve been vaccinated in the last 48 hours.
• You have a sunburn on the zone planned for the tattoo.
You planned a beach vacation 3 weeks after your appointment
You have atopic dermatitis, or eczema on the part of the body to be tattooed
You have surgery within 3 weeks of getting your tattoo

Tattoos pregnant women and breastfeeding

Pregnant woman

Whatever the stage of pregnancy, getting a tattoo will not be possible.

First: your health.
During pregnancy, women experience a drop in immunity. By getting a tattoo, the infectious risk is higher for the mum-to-be. Specialists generally recommend to pregnant women to avoid taking medication as much as possible. And taking antibiotics is strongly discouraged.
Even if we 100% respect all the hygiene regulations, you risk exposing yourself to infection because of this immunity drop.

Second risk factor: stress. If it is difficult to assess its impact during pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to avoid any source of anxiety. A tattoo is not a trivial act, and the moment to act is often highly anxiety-provoking.

Finally, the last argument is the pain caused by the tattoo. Specialists are sure that the fetus feels the pain the mom is going through and depending on its size and location on the body, a tattoo can be painful.


The SNAT (National Union of Tattoo Artists) discusses the issue related to nanoparticles present in tattoo inks. The probability of transmission in breast milk is theoretically very low. But it’s not totally non-existent.

The Leach League France states that having a tattoo, even on the breast, has no impact on breastfeeding, which the SNAT confirms. It is however not recommended to get tattooed while breastfeeding because of an eventual reaction to the products or a superinfection that could occur.

Anaesthetic cream

Indeed, tattooing is not a painless act, but pain is relative to each and everyone, so one should not panic when people talk about their own experiences.

We are often asked “Is it possible to use numbing cream?” and the answer is clearly no.

We refuse to tattoo skin that has had an anaesthetic cream applied because, in many ways, the session and healing can be complicated.
First of all, the skin may become very hard, which will make the session very difficult for us. The ink will not penetrate as well, and the healing may be seriously impaired.
In addition, if the effects wear off suddenly, the session may quickly become very painful for you.

Keep in mind that if so many people get tattooed, it’s because the sensation is more “unpleasant” than painful. Trust yourself and your mind, don’t panic, you really don’t need numbing cream, whatever the tattoo and the area.


If you are in one of the following situations before your appointment, please contact us by email to reschedule your appointment:

– You have Covid-19 symptoms (fever and fatigue, runny nose, cough or sore throat, shortness of breath, body aches or chills.)
– You have been in contact with people infected with Covid-19 fifteen days prior to your appointment.

As soon as you enter the studio:

It is preferable to arrive at the Studio on time for your appointment, not too early to avoid overcrowding the reception area.
Each customer must come alone. No accompanying person is allowed.

Each customer will be asked to:

– Take off rings, bracelets or any hand jewels
– Clean hands with hand sanitiser in the reception and locker area.
– Wear a mask (surgical, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 or fabric). This is complusary
Unfortunately, we cannot provide masks for our customers, you must come with your own mask.

Recommendations during your presence at the studio:

– Bring your own water bottle, we will temporarily not be able to offer you water or coffee.
– Avoid touching your face
– Do not touch anything in the premises that isn’t necessary
– Avoid any close contact (less than one meter) with other people present in the premises.

Which tattoo artist?

Each tattoo artist at Karbone has his or her graphic style. We suggest you take a look at every artist’s work to see which style suits you the best! Because your ideas will only come to life with the right style.
› Discover our artists

In the “Make an appointment” form, you can submit your project to tattoo artists who have their agendas open.
› Make an appointment

Can I come directly to the studio?

We initially prefer to encourage exchanges by email.

This saves us from interrupting a tattoo session, or having you come for nothing if we are not available. We are much more responsive by email!
Use this form for general questions:
› Contact the team

Or this one to make an appointment:
› Make an appointment

However, the studio is open to the public for information on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11 am to 7 pm. Laurent (our shop manager) will welcome you to give you the best information.

How to come to the studio?

Where to find us?

The easiest way to answer this question is to visit the Contact page.

You will find all the information you need to come to the studio.

Tattoo cover-up

Very few of the artists in our team are fully comfortable with cover-ups so we hardly do any.

Tattoos on fingers, hands...

If you want a finger tattoo we advise you to contact Melody Moon who has joined our team. She uses the Handpoke technique, without a machine (only with a needle, dot by dot). This process is recommended for better healing and better ageing on these kinds of areas which are subject to more friction.

Tattoos on the ribs.

We do not always accept to tattoo on the ribs. As you know, at Karbone, we usually tattoo with very fine lines. Unfortunately, these lines never appear as straight and perfect as on other body parts.
It is also an area that ages quite prematurely with age. Many other tattoo styles, with thicker lines, fit perfectly with the ribs zone. If you have a rib tattoo project, feel free to talk to us about it and we will try to best guide you to realise that project!

Tattoos on scars.

Generally, the tattoo can further damage the already damaged skin. Therefore, the scar must be completely healed, this means that the skin around the scar and the scar itself is no longer red or sensitive. This is generally the case with scars over one year old.

In case of important burn scars, you will ideally need the advice of a dermatologist and also, we will have to take the time to talk together to see what is possible to do.

Tattoos and diabetis.

If you are diabetic, don’t worry, tattoos are not incompatible. We can talk about it without any problems. We will just have to avoid the zones where the scars are too present and also the zones where the injections are given.

Avant la séance.

Make an appointment

The process for making an appointment always starts with a prior email with the details of your projects and also depends on
the availability of tattoo artists.
At Karbone, we have chosen to take the projects that will stick the most to our graphic identities, so that each tattoo artist can give the best of himself or herself for your projects.
If you wish to submit a project to us, please use the form.

›Form to make an appointment

The project sketches.

When will I have the sketch of my project?
This is a frequently asked question.

It is difficult to give a definitive answer because it depends on the organization and the preferences of each tattoo artist.
Some artists prefer to show you the result on the day while others prefer to send them to you by e-mail a few days before the appointment.

Whatever the solution, keep in mind that we are here to create a project that suits you best and matches your desires. We will take all the time needed to work with you before, or on the day, in order to make you a tattoo that matches you perfectly.

The tattoo preparation

If you have an appointment for a tattoo, here’s a bit of advice before you come:

• Make sure you eat well before coming.
• Sleep well and be fit.
• Do not sunbathe or get sunburned
• If you have dry skin, remember to moisturise it properly until the date of your appointment.
• Do not take medicines that thin the blood, for example, Aspirin, etc., nor consume energy drinks.
• Do not drink alcohol or do drugs

You cannot get tattooed if:

• You are on antibiotics, cortisone or anti-inflammatories. (If you have a treatment, and only with your doctor’s consent, stop it 3 or 5 days before the appointment)
• You are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have recently given birth, rest.
• You’ve had a vaccine jab in the last 48 hours.
• You have a sunburn where the tattoo is due.
• You have planned a beach vacation 3 weeks after your appointment.
•You have atopic dermatitis or eczema on the body zone you want to tattoo
• You have surgery planned in the three weeks following your tattoo appointment.


The price of a tattoo depends on the size, the workload involved in the design, and the location.

Each tattoo artist at Karbone will take the time to create a unique project for you. We do not replicate already existing tattoos or illustrations. Every tattoo that comes out of our studio is unique.

Once we have discussed the project in details, we will be able to give you a quote with a price range. The final price will be given at the end of the session depending on the final location, the size chosen and also the workload involved.

The minimum price for a tattoo is 90€. We have determined this entry-level price considering the basic expenses and equipment required. This price also involves the cleaning of the premises, email exchanges and work on the project, upstream of the tattoo.

For all appointments, a deposit is required. The deposit is included in the price of the tattoo.


We systematically ask for a deposit between 20 and 100€, depending on the project and the tattoo artist.

The deposit is an advance on the final price of the tattoo and allows us to block an appointment, and to work on your projects.

• Conditions for postponing an appointment:

– You can postpone an appointment at least 7 days before.
– You can postpone your appointment once.
– The planning of the new appointment must be done immediately according to the availability offered.

If all the above conditions are not met, your appointment will be cancelled and the deposit will be kept.
(You must send an e-mail to the concerned tattoo artist to postpone your appointment)

• If you cancel an appointment:

– Your deposit is lost.

In all cases, the deposit is not refundable.


We only accept 1 accompanying person per customer.
For hygiene reasons and the work comfort of all artists, we will only accept one accompanying person in the tattoo area. It is essential to remain calm in order to not deconcentrate the artists and the other customers during their session.

The tattoo artist has the right to refuse an accompanying person. Depending on the type of tattoo and its complexity, some artists prefer to stay fully focused on your tattoo and not risk being distracted This is only in your own interest, every move is permanent.

During the cleaning process and the placement of the stencil, your companion can be present with you.

Après la séance.

Sport, sun, swimming.

As you must surely know, after getting tattooed it is not recommended to do sport, to sunbathe or to go swimming.
The natural healing process for tattooed skin usually takes between 7 and 28 days. Even in cases where the visual appearance of the tattoo appears to be healed, the natural recovery period of the protective skin barrier continues for an additional 3-4 weeks.

This is why, You must not do any sport for 7 to 14 days. You also must not expose yourself directly to the sun nor go to the sauna, the hammam or swimming for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

The healing process.

After your appointment, your tattoo artist will explain all the tattoo care process to you.
The healing process can be different for each and everyone depending on the care given, the skin type and the body zone.

For optimal healing, it is important to follow these steps:

• After tattooing, no intensive activity can be done.
• In the evening I must take off the protective film or rinse the protective gel off
• I delicately cleanse the tattoo with clear water.
• I dry my tattoo with a clean cloth or paper towel or I let it air dry.
• I then apply the cream in a very thin layer and massage gently to make it penetrate. Avoid creams such as Bepanthen, Homéoplasmine, Nivéa, etc., prefer a cream dedicated to tattooing such as Butterluxe that we sell in our salon. You can also apply coconut oil, pure and fragrance-free, always in very thin layers. But use a suitable cream whenever possible.
• In the shower, I clean my tattoo with neutral pH soap. I rub my tattoo very gently.
You must always apply the cream in thin layers Gently massage your tattoo with the cream 3 to 5 times a day and decrease the rate week after week.
You must not do any sport for at least 15 days to avoid heavy sweating and frictions.

During the healing process, here are the general recommendations:

• You must avoid stretching the tattooed zone, be careful with sport and other physical activities.
• Avoid staying too long in the shower.
• There should be no prolonged immersions for 1 month. No baths / swimming pool / sea / sauna / hammam…
Avoid contact with dirt and avoid getting oil on the tattooed area.
• Itching is part of the healing process, avoid scratching at all costs! You could alter the healing.
• You must avoid UVs during the healing phase, do not do any UV sessions.
• During the healing process, do not put any sunscreen and avoid sun exposition. After one month you will have to use a cream with an SPF of 50.

Butterluxe cream.

For several years now, we have been using and recommending Butterluxe brand cream.

It is a 100% Vegan – 100% Natural – 100% recyclable tattoo care cream.

The advantages: Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties – Whipped texture – Skin nourished for a long time – Very low risk of allergy – Perfect healing.
The texture: Light whipped butter
Quantity: 15 ml (Ideal for a small tattoo) / 50 ml (Ideal for a medium tattoo) / 150 ml (Ideal for a large tattoo)
Ingredients: Calendula oil, hemp seed oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter and essential oils
Manufacturing: Made in the UK by Butterluxe company


Touch-ups are not systematically necessary. It will depend on the healing of each person.
After one month, send a good photo of your tattoo to your tattooist so you can see together if touch-ups are needed.
If touch-ups are needed, they will have to be done during the 4 months following the first appointment. (Example, for an appointment on the 1st of January, touch-ups will be possible until the 1st of May)

Outside of this period, touch-ups are billed at a rate of 80 €. They can remain free if they are done at the same time as another project in the year following the first appointment, with the same artist.

A propos du site.

Online booking

Each tattoo artist will have a different booking process.

Regarding appointments with Louve or Kalawa, you will be able to book yours directly online.

The booking process will be fully detailed and explained during the personal exchanges between the customer and the tattooist.

Cancelling an online appointment.

We systematically ask for a deposit between 20 and 100€, depending on the project and the tattoo artist.

The deposit is an advance on the final price of the tattoo and allows us to block an appointment, and to work on your projects.
If you have a problem, let us know at least 7 days before to change the date, so as not to lose your deposit.

If you cancel your appointment , if you do not come to the scheduled appointment, if you cancel the day before for the next day, if you postpone the date of your appointment too often, the deposit is lost.

In all cases, the deposit is not refundable.

Delivery and shipping fees

Delivery and shipping fees

Karbone delivers in France and also abroad

For the smallest products, we propose a delivery by tracked letter at the rate of 1.50 €. This shipment does not include any insurance in case of loss or theft.

For other products, we offer a shipment via the French Post, Colissimo. The basic price is 4.80 €, and it will adapt according to the weight of the package.

It is possible to come and collect an order directly from the Karbone studio on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Strictly as an indication, delivery times vary between 2 days (for metropolitan France) to 1 month for certain countries (Italy, USA, Belgium, etc.), from the date of shipment, Karbone committing, for its part, to ship orders within three working days of their validation.

When the shipment has been made, you have access to the tracking of the package directly from your customer account.

Return & Refund

Returns, exchanges and refunds

You have 14 days to return your items.

Return conditions
The costs of returning items for withdrawal or exchange are paid by the customer.
The products must be returned in mint condition:
> In their original packaging (label still attached to the product)
> Unworn products
> Unwashed products
CAUTION: It will not be possible to make a return on BUTTERLUXE creams for hygiene reasons.

Return address
Products must be returned with the delivery note or the invoice to the following address:

The customer can make an exchange if and only if the product is at the same price
Once the product has been returned and received by the warehouse, Karbone will exchange the items at its own expense.
Please let us know before ( to make the exchange easier.

Refunds must comply with the return conditions.
Product refunds will be made by the KARBONE STUDIO Company within a maximum period of 30 days after receiving the products.
The refund will be made by the same method of payment chosen by the customer at the time of his order or by the delivery of a purchase voucher.

Please let us know before ( for any return in order to make the exchange or refund easier.

Secured payments

KARBONE STUDIO SARL only offers one payment method: Credit or debit card (CB, Visa, Mastercard)

Payment by credit card, you will access a dedicated secure area made available by the service provider Mollie, which ensures the security and recording of the payment order.

For any questions, feel free to contact us:

Terms of Sales.

Terms of Sales (hereinafter referred to as “the site”) is edited by the Company KARBONE STUDIO, SARL with a capital of 300€ euros, whose Head Office is in MARSEILLE (13001) – 11 rue venture, identified the n°830 619 169, intracommunity VAT number FR75 8306191693 (hereinafter referred to as “the Company KARBONE STUDIO”) All orders placed on the site are subject to these general conditions of sale. The Company KARBONE STUDIO reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time the present, the version of the general conditions of sale applicable to any transaction being that appearing online on the site at the time of the order.

I The client

The Customer declares to be a natural person, at least 18 years old and to have the legal capacity or to the beholder of a parental authorisation allowing him to place an order on the site. When registering the Customer’s personal data in the “my account” section, the Customer must ensure the accuracy and completeness of the mandatory data provided. In case of an error in the wording of the recipient, the Company KARBONE STUDIO can not be held responsible for the inability to deliver the product. The Company KARBONE STUDIO reserves the right to cancel any order when the IP address of the customer is domiciled in a country different from the billing address and / or delivery.

II The products

The products sold are the ones described on the site. The Company KARBONE STUDIO takes great care in the presentation and description of these products to best satisfy the customer’s information It is however possible that non-substantial errors may appear on the Site, which the customer acknowledges and accepts. In any case, in case of non-conformity of the product delivered in relation to its description on the Site, the Customer will be able either, to exercise his right of withdrawal, or to implement the guarantee of conformity of the Company KARBONE STUDIO which will proceed, if necessary, either to the exchange or to the refunding of the price (in all or partly) possibly invoiced.

III The order

The order on the site is subject to compliance with the procedure established by the Company KARBONE STUDIO embodied by a succession of different steps that the customer must imperatively follow to validate his order. The customer will have the possibility, before definitively completing his order, to check the details of it and its total price, and to correct possible errors, before confirming it to express his acceptance. Any order confirmed by the Customer shall constitute a contract of sale and acceptance of all the stipulations herein.

The Company KARBONE STUDIO will refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute or an incident relating to the payment of a previous order or who would violate the provisions hereof.

In this case, the Company KARBONE STUDIO will inform the customer by e-mail. If the customer fails to proceed to the Company KARBONE STUDIO the correction of erroneous elements or contrary to these general conditions of sale, the Company KARBONE STUDIO reserves the right not to process the order.

A confirmation email summarising the order (products, prices, product availability, quantity …) will be sent to the customer by the Company KARBONE STUDIO. To this end, the customer formally accepts the use of electronic mail for confirmation by the Company KARBONE STUDIO of the content of his order. In any case, invoices are issued upon delivery.

IV Prices and Terms of Payment

1. Determination of the price

Product prices are indicated in euros, all taxes included for mainland France and the European Union, excluding shipping costs.
The total price of the order (including all taxes and shipping costs) is indicated in the basket.

For the overseas departments, Switzerland and all other countries outside the European Union, the sale prices displayed are deemed to be exclusive of tax and therefore cannot be subject to a VAT deduction. The customer acknowledges that he is considered the official importer and that he may, depending on the country or overseas department of delivery chosen at the time of the order, have to pay customs duties and / or importation fees according to the legislation in force in the said country or overseas department.

The Company KARBONE STUDIO reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but the products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the time of the recording of the order, subject to availability.

2. Method of payment

The products are payable wholy the day of the effective order.

The payment of the purchases is made by:
– Credit or debit card The Customer accesses a dedicated area made available by a banking establishment, which ensures the security and recording of the payment order. In this regard, the Customer expressly acknowledges that the communication of his credit card number to the Company KARBONE STUDIO is worth authorising the debit of his account to the extent of the products ordered.

3. The data recorded and stored by the Company KARBONE STUDIO constitute proof of the order and of all transactions. The data recorded by the payment system constitute proof of the financial transactions.

V – Delivery

Delivery is made to the delivery address indicated by the customer, it is specified that this address must be the residence address of the customer or any other physical person of his choice.
Delivery cannot be made to hotels or post office boxes.

In order for these deadlines to be met, the customer must ensure that they have provided accurate and complete information concerning the delivery address (such as, in particular: street number, building, staircase, access codes, names and/or intercom numbers, etc).

The delays indicated are indicative, corresponding to the average processing and delivery times.
The Company KARBONE STUDIO cannot be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay of routing not being of its fact.

In case of damaged packages (already opened, missing products …), the Customer undertakes to notify the carrier and the Company KARBONE STUDIO, by all means, any reservations within 3 days of receipt of the product.

VI -Right to withdraw

The individual customer has a right of withdrawal, which he can exercise without reason, within fourteen (14) clear days from the delivery of the order which will be exercised by returning the new products at his expensein their original packaging, unworn, unwashed – excluding BUTTERLUXE creams for hygienic reasons ) accompanied by the order number at the following address:


The Company KARBONE STUDIO will reimburse the Customer any amounts already paid, less any shipping costs, under the conditions specified in Article VII below.

VII – Reimbursement

The refunds of products in the cases referred to in Article II and VI will be made by the Company KARBONE STUDIO within a maximum period of 30 days after receipt by it of such products. The refund will be made by the same method of payment chosen by the customer at the time of his order or by the delivery of a purchase voucher.

VIII- Governing law

Any order implies the customer’s full acceptance of the general conditions of sale. These general conditions of sale are governed by French law. In case of dispute, only the French Courts will be competent. In case of difficulty or claim during an order, the customer can contact the customer service to find an amicable solution.

IX – Data Processing and Liberties

The information collected by the Company KARBONE STUDIO during an order of the customer is necessary for the management of the transaction and to this end may be communicated in whole or in part to the providers of the Company KARBONE STUDIO involved in the execution of the order. The customer is informed that the same personal data may also be collected by an organisation in charge of analysing orders and fighting against credit card fraud. In accordance with the Data-processing law and Freedoms n°78-17 of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access, of correction, opposition and suppression with the data concerning it.

Your personal data

Protection of personal data KARBONE

Your requests to modify your personal data

  • As a user of KARBONE STUDIO services, you can modify your personal data from your customer account.

  • If you wish to delete your customer account, you can also perform this action (be careful, this action is irreversible, you will lose access to your order history, your loyalty points, your promotional codes … But it will be possible to create a new customer account ) from your customer account.

  • For any other request to access, obtain, rectify or delete your personal data, we invite you to contact us at with the subject: PERSONAL DATA


This page describes the principles with which KARBONE STUDIO collects different types of customer data. The items described on this page are detailed in the KARBONE STUDIO Data Protection Principles.

Also, this page details the commitments concerning the security and data protection policy of KARBONE STUDIO in order to respect, as much as possible, your privacy.


In order to avoid an imprecise interpretation, here are some elements of understanding of the terms used:

  • Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person is deemed to be “an identifiable natural person” a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly.

  • Processing: any operation or set of operations carried out or not using automated processes and applied to data or sets of personal data (collection, recording, transmission, storage, conservation, extraction, consultation, use, interconnection, segmentation, etc.).

Responsible for processing

All processing of personal information communicated to KARBONE STUDIO is carried out under the responsibility of KARBONE STUDIO, 11 rue venture 13001 MARSEILLE, SIRET 30 619 169 00014.

How do we collect data about you?

The collection of your personal data (such as name and contact details) is most often based on your customer relationship or other relevant relationship with us. For example, we collect data when you perform actions on our services, registering as a user of our site, using KARBONE STUDIO services or providing us with other information.

When you use the KARBONE STUDIO network and communication services, for example by placing a call or creating your customer account or sending an e-mail, identification data is stored in our systems for the use of the services.

When you visit or load pages of KARBONE STUDIO websites, you leave various types of anonymous browsing data with us, such as your IP address and browsing history. The operation of the services is based on the use of cookies.

We may collect data based on your consent.

We record customer service calls so that we can verify the actual discussion, if necessary.

We also collect data from our potential customers when they participate in contests, sweepstakes or customer events.

Which data do we collect?

This data includes your last name, first name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, direct marketing information and consent, company contact information, company name, information provided by you, customer classification information, order, delivery, agreement and billing. We store what can be connected to you.

Data created and collected during communication includes information about communicating parties, time of connection, routing information, data transfer protocol, connection format, and location information.

When browsing the Internet, “measuring data” is collected using cookies. This data cannot be associated with a person.

The customer information we collect helps us personalize and continually improve your shopping experience on services at KARBONE STUDIO. We use this information to process orders, deliver products and services, process payments and communicate with you regarding your orders, products, services and promotional offers, maintain and update our files and thus your accounts, provide you with content such as wishlists and customer reviews and recommend products and services that may be of interest to you. We also use this information to improve our stores and websites, prevent or detect fraud or abuse on our website, and enable third parties to provide technical, logistical or other functions on our behalf.

List of types of information we collect:

Information you give us
We collect and store all information that you give us through our website or other means. You can choose not to communicate certain information to us, this decision may however limit the use of our services. We use the information you provide to us, in particular, to respond to your requests, to personalize your future purchases, to improve our services and to communicate with you.

Information Collected Automatically
Whenever you come into contact with us, we receive and store certain types of information. Like many other websites, we use “cookies” in particular and obtain certain types of information when your browser accesses the KARBONE STUDIO website or advertisements and other content displayed on other websites by KARBONE STUDIO or for its account.

Email Information
To optimize the usefulness and interest of our emails, if your computer allows it, we frequently receive confirmation of emails sent by KARBONE STUDIO that you have opened. If you do not wish to receive emails from us, you can notify it in your account

How do we manage your data?

Please note that the staff at KARBONE STUDIO act with an obligation of secrecy when they deal with personal data.

We maintain the confidentiality of your personal data and make sure it is used only for its predefined end.

Your data is processed in order to produce and deliver communication services, and other agreed services, develop services, invoice and provide the best and most complete service possible and keep you informed about our services.

We also use personal data for customer communication, such as sending information regarding our services and direct marketing means.

We also use this data for customer profiling with billing, amount allocation, customer relation duration and external classifications. We use both summary usage data and person-specific data to create target groups for marketing.

We process the data of our potential customers for direct marketing purposes.

We endeavour to ensure that customer data is up to date and correct.

We delete obsolete and unnecessary data when possible.

We protect all your data through personal, task-based access rights and prevent third-party access to the data.

Where do we send your data?

We only submit your data to the extent permitted by applicable law and as indicated in the file description to authorities and other telecommunications companies.

When we use subcontractors, we will sign a security agreement with them that also covers the use of your data. We are also responsible for this kind of handling for you.

The principles of data protection at KARBONE STUDIO

The purpose of this data protection policy is to describe the principles and practices we follow at KARBONE STUDIO to ensure the privacy, confidentiality of communication and legal protection of our customers.

KARBONE STUDIOregularly updates this policy as operations or services change and develop. For this reason, we encourage you to consult the latest statement regularly.

Important core values for KARBONE STUDIO include confidentiality of client data and communication, and protection of client privacy in all company operations. When handling our customers’ personal data, we follow French legislation, orders and instructions from the authorities and good data processing practices.

KARBONE STUDIO enforces a high level of data protection. Personal, identification and location data are collected only for specific, pre-defined and lawful purposes and are not processed in a way that is incompatible with these purposes.

We protect the security of your personal information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you enter before it is sent to us.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection, storage and disclosure of customer personal information. Our security procedures may require us to ask you for proof of your identity before we can release your personal information to you.

We constantly train our staff to the principles of data processing and monitor the use of data by appropriate means.

General principles of customer data management

The processing of personal data must always be justified for the operations of KARBONE STUDIO. KARBONE STUDIO has defined the purpose of collecting, handling and submitting personal data in the following section.

KARBONE STUDIO only processes the customer data necessary for its operations, as defined in the purpose of use indicated in the file description for the customer register. We endeavour not to process incorrect, incomplete or outdated data.

The processing of customer data is generally based on a relevant relationship, information received when using or registering for a service or your consent. We may also process your data for other purposes, for example at your request or where required by law. Your information may be processed within KARBONE STUDIO. We encourage our customers to update their contact details regularly.

We record your conversations with our customer service to verify a business transaction, to respond to your requests and to monitor and develop the quality of service.

Please note that, as a customer of KARBONE STUDIO, you have the right to check which of your data has been stored in our information systems, or that there is no data about you in our files. You may also refuse the use of your data in accordance with the relevant legislation. The inspection can be carried out once a year without charge. The request for data inspection must be made with a signed document between KARBONE STUDIO and you.

Collection, storage, retrieval and processing of personal data

Register of data collected directly via the KARBONE STUDIO services:

Contact form

  • Data collected: emails and messages

  • Objective: Customer relationship management

  • Data retention: Database storage

  • Shelf life: 1 year

  • Access to data : KARBONE STUDIO’s customer relations department

  • Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: No

Creating a customer account

  • Data collected: surname, first name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, direct marketing information and consent, company contact information, company name, information provided by you, customer classification information, order, delivery, agreement and billing We store what can be connected to you.

  • Purpose: Order / Order tracking / Address / Returns / Credit notes / Loyalty management

  • Data retention: Database storage

  • Retention period: Lifetime of the customer / Customers inactive for 2 years are deleted

  • Access to data: Logistics (partially, only data related to the processing and shipping of your order) / Marketing department / Customer service

  • Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: No

Newsletter option form

  • Data collected: email

  • Objective: Marketing emails

  • Data retention: Database option

  • Retention period: Customer’s option, unless refused by the customer

  • Access to data : The marketing department

  • Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: No


In accordance with the law on information technology and civil liberties, you can exercise your right of access to your personal data and have them corrected via the contact button at the top of this page

Register of data transmitted to subcontractors via the services of KARBONE STUDIO :


  • Provider information:

  • Provider location: Atlanta

  • Objective: Marketing emails

  • Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: No

  • GDRP Charter of the provider :


  • Provider information :

  • Provider location : USA

  • Objective: To connect to your customer account on the site via your Facebook account

  • Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: Yes

  • GDRP charter of the provider:

Google Analytics

Google Adwords


Sending and sharing data

KARBONE STUDIO may only submit your data to third parties in accordance with the applicable legislation. We submit information on request to authorities, e.g. police and security authorities, as well as other authorities for reasons specified by law.

Customer information is an important part of our business and we are not in the business of selling it. We share this information only as described above and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy with KARBONE STUDIO control and which are either subject to this Privacy Policy or have rules that are at least as protective as those described in this Privacy Policy.

In addition, we may subcontract your data to subcontractors, in which case we will ensure that the confidentiality of the data is maintained, and we will also be responsible for managing the data in this case. If we process your data outside the EU region, we will protect your data by ensuring that the processor guarantees appropriate data processing.

Processing of identification and location data related to electronic communication

KARBONE STUDIO treats all data and messages created during communication as confidential. Our staff are bound by an obligation of secrecy and a prohibition on using confidential messages or other confidential information. When communication takes place via a network, it always leaves a trace. These network traces are called identification data if they can be connected to a person. Network traces are created, for example, when making telephone calls, sending e-mails and SMS and surfing the Internet, and may contain information about the callers, the connection route or routing, the data transfer protocol used, the event and the terminals used or their location.

KARBONE STUDIO manages the identification and location information of the communication in accordance with the applicable law for the purposes of, for example, the implementation and use of services, billing and technical development. consent, marketing. The data may also be used for billing of other service providers to the necessary extent.

KARBONE STUDIO can also handle identification data in the event of misuse, data security breaches and fault repairs.

In all of the above situations, we only process identification and location data to the extent necessary to accomplish a certain specific task.

Use of location data

A true location method where another person can track the whereabouts of another person requires the consent of the person to be located. The customer may not be located at all if they refuse geolocation services.

If we submit location information to location service providers, we ensure by appropriate means that there is consent from the person to be located.

Persons authorised to manage identification and location data

Only specific persons at KARBONE STUDIO whose work requires access to identification and location data may process this data.

In practice, authorisation is only granted to persons performing tasks related to billing, maintenance or development of communication networks or services, prevention and investigation of abuse, customer service and marketing. Persons entitled to handle the data may only manage it to the extent required to perform individual tasks.

Duration of processing of identification and location data and storage of data

We process identification and location data for as long as necessary for billing, technical development, troubleshooting, marketing, investigation of misuse or data security purposes. However, manipulation takes place only to the extent required by the actions and without unduly compromising the confidentiality of a message and the protection of privacy.

We store the required billing data for at least one year from the due date of the invoice and for a period not exceeding three years from the due date of the invoice, unless the data needs to be stored for a longer period. related to the collection of the invoice. Otherwise, data is stored to the extent permitted and required by the relevant legislation.

Websites, tracking visits

We also collect data about website visits. This data includes the IP address and corresponding DNS name, the organisation that registered the IP address, the name and address of the page visited, the time the page was loaded and the browser type.

Please note that the IP address is an identification required for the operation of the Internet, used to direct messages transmitted over the Internet to the appropriate locations. In general, the IP address is not connected to the person using the computer, but it can be connected to the organisation that registered the IP address. The IP address connection can be established at the request of the authorities.


As a customer of KARBONE STUDIO, you can visit our websites anonymously. However, like most websites, we use cookie technology. When you view our website, the cookie sets a random number for the browser that does not indicate your identity. Cookies help KARBONE STUDIO determine which sections of its websites are most popular, where visitors go and how long they stay. The data is used to implement and develop services and target advertisements on the websites.

You can prevent cookies from being stored by changing your browser settings. In some cases, prevention may slow down or make it impossible to navigate the pages or website.

Data security

We ensure the security of our services’ data by using methods commensurate with the severity and sophistication of the threats and the cost.

KARBONE STUDIO takes care to carry out actions to prevent data security breaches or to eliminate disruptions that affect data security. In addition, we use all means to ensure that the confidentiality of messages or the protection of privacy is not unduly compromised when performing the above actions.

We provide information about the data security actions of our services and other data security issues through appropriate channels, such as our website or customer newsletters.

In order to prevent data security breaches and to eliminate disruptions to data security, we may, among other things, prevent the receipt of e-mails, remove viruses and other malware from messages and take other comparable technical measures. necessary measures within the permitted and required limits specified in the relevant legislation. We use physical, administrative and technical safeguards to keep messages and identification data transmitted over the communications network secret. These actions reduce the risk of your data being disclosed to third parties and prevent misuse or other unauthorised access. Some of our services also use standardised encryption methods.

Please note that as a user of KARBONE STUDIO’s services, you must also use the most appropriate methods to ensure your own data security. We encourage you to store and use our services and your terminals with care and control, for example by using secure codes and unique passwords, and to use sufficient anti-virus and firewall services and keep them and the operating system updated.

Customer communication and direct marketing

KARBONE STUDIO sends customer messages about its products and services to its customers via the consent available in the customer account.

KARBONE STUDIO also sends direct electronic marketing messages. You have the right to prevent KARBONE STUDIO from sending direct marketing messages. You can opt-out of marketing by following the instructions included in the direct marketing message or via your customer account available on our website.