Our mission.

We want to put all our passion and creativity at your disposal, in order to offer you unique pieces, in harmony with your body and who you are.

Getting a tattoo is no small feat and you can be sure that we know it. This is why we work every day to ensure that your experience with us is as pleasant, professional and qualitative as possible.

Whether it is for a first experience or an umpteenth, we will supervise you as best as possible. Our support is not limited to the tattoo session, we also remain very attentive and available after your session, throughout your healing.

Our ethics.

Since animal welfare is important to us, 100% of our products are vegan.

This means that they are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal products. We believe a Vegan tattoo is not limited to the ink but to the entire studio. We have rigorously chosen the products that we use before, during and after the session so that they respect our ethics, that they best respect the environment but also and above all that they present no dangers to your health.

We only use excellent quality products, CE normed, that is to say authorized for use in France and we remain in constant watch on the technical evolution of the products.

A “Vegan” tattoo isn’t just about ink.

During a session, many products will come into contact with you. Ink is only a tiny part of the long list of these products.

Rest assured, we’ve sorted it out for you and we’re proud to have achieved 100% cruelty-free, animal-free products. “

Here are the main families of vegan products used at the studio


before / during / after the session




Quality inks acknowledged around the world.

At Karbone we use leading inks from the European market to guarantee you maximum quality and perfect traceability.
The brands we use do not contain any animal products and are not tested on animals. We use Silverback inks for blacks and Eternal Ink for color inks. They have been acknowledged in the world of tattoo for decades and ensure perfect ageing if our care advice is meticulously applied. They were not created to be specifically Vegan, many tattoo artists use them without knowing that they are because of their compositions.


Your health is our top priority.

We are fully aware that the hygiene of a tattoo parlour must be impeccable, which is why we owe you total transparency. Our salon and all of our tattoo artists are registered with the regional health agency (ARS). Their workspaces are completely cleaned and disinfected before and after each client. And we impose the same disinfection process on all, including 5-step skin disinfection.

In addition to needles, a large majority of the equipment available to them is sterile and disposable. (nozzles, ink cup, tongue depressors, compresses, etc.) Sterile packed instruments are unpacked in front of you. It is not mandatory, but we want to offer you the best.

The layout of the workspaces respects the imposed standards and has been optimized for efficient cleaning. At the end of each day, the studio is fully cleaned and disinfected.

Your health comes first and we make every effort to preserve it.

After much research, we have created a complete range of completely ecological cleaning products without fine particles harmful to health and respectful of the environment. Of course, all of the products used are vegan and authorized for use in France.

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